Module 2:
The Principles of the Human Psyche


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The Principles of the
human psyche

Did you know that the space behind your eyes and between your ears is the interface for the most sophisticated and powerful computer in the universe?

Wouldn’t it be great to know how it works and how to make best use of it?

In this fascinating and enlightening part of the training, you will learn the fundamental laws of Spiritual Psychology, along with the practical steps for identifying and resolving the patterns of thinking which no longer serve you and ultimately impede your creative process.

Evolved from the work of Sam Kogan, Eric Berne and Alfred Adler, along with teachings from eastern philosophy, these laws represent the essential knowledge that underlies the whole Spiritual Psychology of Acting training.

The module will provide you with practical knowledge and cutting edge tools and techniques to get the best out of your most valuable instrument of all, your own mind!

‘The mind is a great servant,
but a terrible master’

– Zen Proverb

What will I learn?

Richard Brake

“I always felt plagued by a sense of inadequacy in my work, and a constant feeling of inconsistency. Since training with John, all of that has completely changed. Ultimately, the result speaks more effectively than words I can write. If you are serious about acting, then this course is not to be missed.

- Richard Brake, ACTOR