Free Online Introduction Dates

Online Seminar with

John Osborne Hughes Thursday 28th January 2021 6.30 – 9.30pm GMT

The knowledge and technique of pure acting, for newcomers and professionals seeking something more…

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting is a unique fusion of the teachings of the great Russian stage directors of the 20th Century, cutting edge Psychology and Spiritual Philosophy from both East and West.

During the seminar you will learn:

  • The Three main purposes of Theatre/ Cinematic Art.
  • The principles of Great Acting.
  • The Qualities of a Great Actor.
  • Four Key Questions for designing a Character
  • Mind Triads: The three essential elements of the Characters psyche.
  • How to develop Awareness (the ability to observe our own thoughts), in order to dissolve creative blocks and gather material out of which we can create unique characters.
  • The secrets of Charisma and Stage/Screen Presence. How to develop them.
  • The psychology of casting. How to prepare for auditions. Properly.
  • The Principles of Zen and the Art of Acting.
  • Imagination and the actor

To really understand the essence of pure acting technique and the process of creating characters, the actor must first understand the psychological process which created his or her own character in life. Once we truly understand how these natural principles have created and shaped our own characters, we learn to harness this knowledge, engage it at will and allow it to serve as our creative technique.

This rewarding and fascinating process not only creates truthful, dynamic acting, it also serves to to liberate the actor from his or her own psychological limits, thus providing the freedom of imagination to create any character.

The training is designed to create actors of the highest calibre… a delight to work with and ultimately an inspiration to watch. Click here to read testimonials from some of our prominent students.

Simple meditation and practical exercises will be introduced to each student to assimilate the basic techniques.

Investment: Only £22 (Including Booking Fee)