Winter Solstice Yoga and Chakra Meditation

2 Hour Online Yoga and Meditation walkthrough with John Osborne Hughes

Join me on 21st December, where I will be going through a unique yoga set, designed especially for anyone looking to touch base with themselves and brighten up their inner being.

Drawing from a wide range of yoga schools and practices, this very simple, but blissful set of postures and breathing exercises have been lovingly curated to help anyone and everyone feel lighter, brighter and ready to meet the holiday season with a smile!

The session concludes with our unique and enlightening chakra meditation - Using the purifying sound of a mantra, the practice has been developed to serve the needs of students, to help you go deeper in to the bliss of meditation and create a positive state of being for performance and rehearsal.

A description of the ascending chakras and a full explanation of the practice will be given as well as an exploration of unique Asanas and breathing exercises for each Chakra.

The session will take place on the Zoom platform. The class will be recorded in case you are unable to make the live session.

The class lasts for 2 hours. You will need a chair and some space on the floor to work in.

PRICE: £35 UK/ Europe Date as “Wednesday, 21st December – 6:30-8:30

*Zoom link will be available for remote access to guided Winter Solstice Celebration yoga and meditation, for those who cannot attend the event, in person.