Module 2:
Know Yourself, Be Your Self

Discover the psychological principles at the heart of the training and the practical steps for identifying and resolving the patterns of thinking that impede your creative process.

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Know yourself, be your self

Module 2 in the Spiritual Psychology of Acting Course

The space between your ears and behind your eyes is the interface to the most sophisticated and powerful computer in the universe.

This fascinating and enlightening module will provide you with clear knowledge and powerful tools and techniques to get the best from the most valuable instrument of all, your own mind.

Drawing from humanity’s rich treasure house of universal wisdom teachings, combined with cutting-edge practical psychology, this module addresses timeless questions about the meaning and mission of life and explores the three higher purposes of human life.

Evolved from the work of Sam Kogan, Eric Berne and Alfred Adler, along with ancient teachings from eastern philosophy, these powerful principles represent the essential knowledge that underpins the whole Spiritual Psychology of Acting training.

For individual course
Of Teaching
10 sessions
2 Hours Each
The mind is a great servant,
but a terrible master

– Zen Proverb

What will I learn?

  • The three higher purposes of human life
  • The laws of spiritual psychology
  • Artificial vs real happiness
  • How to observe your own thoughts
  • How to reprogramme your own patterns of thinking
  • How to resolve negative thinking
  • How to dissolve fear and energetic blocks
  • How to let go of limitation and attachment

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“Studying with John Osborne Hughes was a watershed moment in my life as a performer, but more than that, it was a watershed moment as a human being alive on the planet.

(Multi Grammy Winning Singer / Songwriter)
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